Fixing previous semi-permanent brows

Carol, Age 62

Carol’s Challenge:

Carol previously had semi-permanentĀ brows, a longer lasting but less natural form of eyebrow treatment.

This was carried out by a different technician, approximately three years ago, and the colour had since faded and the pigment has started to show a tinge of red.

Before microblading treatment

After microblading treatment

Carol’s Eyebrow Story

Carol had been covering the area with eyebrow pencil but wanted a more permanent solution to cover the existing area.

I worked with the existing shape as this would need to be completely covered however the hair strokes managed to give a much more natural look, whilst covering the red tones.

Carol can maintain this look by ensuring she returns for annual top-ups and will no longer have to rely on her eyebrow pencil to keep herĀ brows looking perfect!

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