First session of microblading

Danielle, Age 29

Danielle’s Challenge:

Danielle has always had her eyebrows threaded in the past but has always felt she has been left with ‘’uneven brows’’ which left her unhappy with their finish.

She wanted a more symmetrical brow that looked as natural as possible.

Before microblading treatment

Results after microblading treatment

What we did:

I worked with Danielle’s natural shape to create a more defined look and removed some of the existing hairs to create a cleaner finish.

As Danielle has hair growth in the area, she will continue to have the area threaded in order to maintain the style and  keep the area tidy however this will require much less maintenance and will ensure that she has ‘even brows’ at all times!

What Danielle said:

“Chantel really made me feel relaxed throughout the whole microblading process. Her attention to detail was great and she was a definitely a perfectionist. I love my new eyebrows and have had so many compliments about them already. Thank you!”

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